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What is the Difference Between Cracked Glass and LCD Repair?


     For most types of phone repairs, there is no distinction between an cracked glass and LCD repair. This misconception among customers is largely due to what they perceive as a procedure that involves the complex removal of broken glass from the LCD and replacing it with a new glass. However, that procedure does exist, just not in the form that we typically service your broken screens.      
     You see, thanks to our handy manufacturers, we are able to receive complete screen assemblies for most devices! That cuts out a lot of tedious work! For example, for all intents and purposes the repair procedure for iPhones is exactly the same but the pricing is different. Why is that? 
You see, a glass repair is always cheaper because the underlying LCD (the valuable part) is untouched and working. In that case, the glass layer is the only part broken. The criteria for LCD repair versus glass only repair is that all touch works and no visible screen deformity is observed in an glass repair. The broken screen must demonstrate full touch responsiveness and have no visual artifacts on the LCD in order to qualify for the lower priced glass repair. For all cell phone repair shops, we can take the working LCD that we receive from customers and either refurbish the working LCD ones into complete screens or sell them back to third-party manufacturers. This is how every store can offer the discounted repair pricing to customers. 
     Basically, to summarize, broken screens with good LCDs are worth money while broken glass and LCD repairs aren't. This is why cell phone repair shops often have separate pricing for the same exact procedure. At HiTech Handymen, we have the lowest prices anywhere in town, backed by a very competitive 120 Days Warranty. We take pride in our work, so your repair will be done with the utmost care and attention. We do not require any appointments, so you can just come on in anytime between our business hours!

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